Posted by: magnussonllc | August 11, 2009

Use The Force-Fit Game to Boost Creativity

The force-fit game was devised by Helmut Schlicksupp and uses a competitive environment to generate ideas. As a rule competition is avoided in creativity because it is potentially disruptive and can cause conflict. However, a small amount of pressure can actually benefit creativity. The concept of a contest can spark extra energy and get people more focused on the task. For the game to be useful a light-hearted frame of mind is essential, with no significant losers.

1. Make up two groups, say A and B, with 2–8 individuals in each. The administrator displays and reads out a problem statement. This introduction is followed by the first round which consists of steps 2–4.

2. Group A proposes an idea somewhat distant to the problem (which the administrator records on a flipchart).

3. Group B spends 2 minutes developing a realistic solution founded on this remote idea (the administrator records the solution on the flip-chart).

4. If Group B’s solution is plausible they gain a point in this round, if not Group A obtains the point. (This appraisal must be kept light-hearted to avoid creating an atmosphere that is too competitive).

5. Although the groups could alternate roles after every round (steps 2-4), it would be quicker if they swapped every 5 rounds. This way Group A can contemplate their next remote idea whilst B are solving their previous one.

6. After a predefined period of time has lapsed (30-45 minutes), or a pre-agreed number of rounds, the game concludes and whichever Group has the most points wins. Afterwards the ideas are evaluated and appraised as required.

tug-o-war2With a well-practiced group, the solution-generating step offers an opening to practice skillful speedy, off-the cuff use of creativity techniques. To further promote teamwork the Force-Fit Game can be combined with some of the other creativity tools and techniques. After the rounds are finished the group can decide on the best idea from each subgroup. These ideas can then be further developed and discussed within the big group.


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