Posted by: magnussonllc | August 25, 2009

Receiving Feedback: The Feedback Four-step Model

Self-regulatory mechanisms influence our openness to feedback and the extent to which we shield ourselves from feedback. Some people are highly sensitive to the way others react to them. Others have a strong self-esteem, rendering them open to new ideas about their strengths and weaknesses. Others are highly protective of their self-image. They seek self-affirmation and guard against negative feedback. Although self-regulation helps us protect our self-mage, it prevents us from realizing our full potential.

Being aware of how we normally react when we receive feedback can help us change these self-regulatory mechanisms.

Three common mechanisms are described in The Feedback Four Step™:

The Feedback Four Step

There are three behaviors that limit our ability to receive feedback: ignoring the feedback completely, defending behaviors without trying to understand the consequences and finally coming up with creative explanations to behaviors without fully listening to the person giving feedback. They all limit our ability to improve and grow as an individual. If we understand the feedback we still have a choice (which is our human right), to change our behavior or remain the same.


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