Posted by: magnussonllc | September 24, 2009

6 Tips on Giving Good Feedback

Catch People Doing Things RightFeedback

The more you catch people doing things right, the more right things they will do! Encourage positive actions by letting people know when they do things well.

In Public and In Private

Praise in public, criticize in private, that‘s normally the rule. There are exceptions to the rule though. Public praise of an extremely shy person may cause an emotional response that overshadows your good intentions. Do what‘s right for the person. And sometimes we have to publicly criticize people, to make a statement to the rest of the team.

Look for the signals that team members wants feedback

People are sometimes a little hesitant to ask directly for feedback. They may ask for feedback in a much more subtle way by asking questions about their performance.

Check the feedback is understood

The quickest and often most effective way of doing this is to ask the other person to tell you to play back to them what they understand they heard. This lets you deal with ambiguity there and then.

Give small doses, more frequently

Rather than holding mega feedback sessions, meet more frequently, sharing one or two small items at a time. This gives a sensitive person time to digest what you’ve said, make any necessary changes, and build confidence.

Set a date for follow-up

The final thing to do after giving feedback is to set up a follow-up appointment. This lets the other party know that you are committed to supporting them and to making the necessary change.


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